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Welcome to AUCM , also known as AU Capital Management, LLC. We are numismatic professionals engaged in the business of buying and selling rare coins and precious metals. Our number one priority is to you, our client – large or small. Every relationship we forge emphasizes superlative service and a conscious effort at maintaining a sterling reputation in a business set by reputation. We have a widely recognized presence at regional and national trade shows.

US Key Date Rare Coins

AU Capital Management offers an exceptional selection of Key Date US Coins from classic copper to the ever popular Gold series. Updated Weekly with new coins!

Territorial Gold Specialists

From Georgia to California, Alaska and Utah, Private Territorial gold was produced and coined by local groups and collectively is known as Pioneer gold.

Ancient Coins

AUCM is pleased to stock an premiere group of certified ancient coinage representing some of the finest examples of rare gold and silver Roman and Greek coins.

Video – The Baldwin $10 Cowboy Gold Coin

AU Capital Management President Russ Augustin teams up with CoinWeek to tell the behind-the-scenes stories of the great gold coins of American history.

In this episode, Russ talks about the fascinating 1850 Baldwin $10 gold coin, a private-issue gold coin struck at the height of the California Gold Rush.