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About AU Capital Management, LLC.

AUCM is also known as AU Capital Management, LLC. We are numismatic professionals engaged in the business of buying and selling rare coins and precious metals. Our number one priority is to you, our client – large or small. Every relationship we forge emphasizes superlative service and a conscious effort at maintaining a sterling reputation in a business set by reputation. We have a widely recognized presence at regional and national trade shows. We offer individuals, lawyers, banks and estates expert verbal and written appraisals for coin and currency collections and assist with third party certification. AUCM manages collections, rare coin funds and private investment accounts (see below). We often act as agents for private individuals at public auction and have conducted several successful Sealed Bid Auctions. Our Ebay feedback rating is 100%. We are skilled at all aspects of domestic and international transportation of numismatic assets. AUCM has several clients who are willing to provide references and/or letters of recommendation.

Our objectives are as follows:

  • Provide an Understanding. We assist individuals and institutions to develop and structure coin collections or coin investments. We offer education, guidance and expertise in locating, evaluating and negotiating the price of select rare coins. We restructure existing coin collections and coin portfolio investments. In this case, we present an integrated, well-thought out program. We maintain thoughtful collector relations program throughout the life of our accounts, which sometimes reach into future generations.
  • We assist in designing the aim and scope of the collection. We utilize a comprehensive, integrated research program that identifies trends in the rare coin market and correlates the values of rare coins to ensure greatest use of allocated assets.
  • We develop a strategy to focus acquisitions in related, high potential areas of the market. Successful rare coin collectors have learned that by focusing their energy and resources on a limited number of types of rare coins the overall performance of their rare coin portfolio is greatly enhanced. A rare coin collector adopting this approach reviews the scope of his financial commitment and develops a strategy to afford the most desirable and highest quality rare coins.
  • We enhance the value of those existing rare coins within the collection more effectively by cost averaging and divesting inferior examples. There is a strong correlation between rarity, condition, popularity and return on investment. In order to maximize the value of a rare coin collection, maximizing these fundamental aspects of coin acquisition is essential.
  • We manage the collection. We utilize a comprehensive, integrated research program that identifies trends in the rare coin market and correlates the values of rare coins to ensure greatest use of allocated assets.

An excellent way to increase the value of a coin collection is to take full advantage of an opportunity to upgrade or purchase a more aesthetically pleasing specimen. We assist our clientele with their goals not only by finding those coins that are necessary to complete a collection, but also by subsidizing new purchases with the proceeds of the inferior example. We urge our clients to divest themselves of those coins that do not fit within the direction of the collection.


Russell Augustin is President and CEO. He began his career as a professional numismatist in 1982. He attended Ohio Wesleyan University prior to entering the field and Harvard University thereafter. In 1985, realizing the rare coin business was on the verge of a huge transformation (enter third party certification by PCGS, NGC and the subsequent wave of consumer approval and participation) he founded NumisTech, a research company with emphasis on development of the PAR (Price Access & Retrieval) database of auction records for all U.S. coins. NumisTech published the U.S. Coin Auction Price Activity Report for several years.

Russell has been subcontracted as an appraiser by the Federal government; hired as a price consultant to the Kidder Peabody Rare Coin Fund I and to the Boston-based advertising firm Hill Holiday for the U.S. Mint contract. Russell was employed as Vice President and Director of Numismatics by New Orleans-based Blanchard and Company and later, Jefferson Coin & Bullion. He created and sold a retail business to Stanford Coin & Bullion in 2003 and continues to act as an advisor to Coin Trader, Inc. In 2005, Russell founded AU Capital Management LLC where he is the owner and president today. In 2016, AU Capital Management announced a new collaborative effort with Illinois-based RARCOA to expand its coin wholesale program and to merge the existing retail division. In this capacity, AUCM continues to operate as a separate entity, however, as a RARCOA affiliate, the company now offers interested customers a multi-million dollar inventory at extremely competitive prices.

RARCOA has been a worldwide leader in the numismatic wholesale market since it was acquired by the Milas family in 1972 and is best known for acquiring and distributing U.S. gold coins in large quantities to dealers, brokers and telemarketers. Russell is also the Senior Numismatist on RARCOA’s staff, and is available to transact business with established customers and welcomes new inquiries.

Studying price movement, attending countless public auctions and coin shows and associating with notable experts and established collectors around the globe has provided Russell with a well-rounded foundation of this complex numismatic field from Pine Tree shillings to Pioneer Gold. He is presently assisting several clientele form PCGS Registry Sets. In addition, Russell has clientele interested in high-grade Roman Imperial sets of the “twelve” Caesars, California Fractional gold, select pieces of California, Oregon, Mormon, Colorado, Carolina and Georgia pioneer gold, Carson City gold denomination sets and assists several serious Capped Bust half dollar collectors. In addition to these areas of expertise, Russell Augustin is one of the most active retailers of mint state gold coins as buyers can find as many as one thousand gold coins offered on the Collectors Corner at any given day totaling several million dollars. Russell also oversees the publishing of goldcoingraphs.com which can be accessed on this website. Russell has also assembled the PCGS #1 Registry Set of Bechtler coinage after acquiring many pieces from distinguished Pioneer collector James Gray. The PCGS Set Registry has presented Russell the Award for Best Colonials, Private Issues & Territorial Gold and Pattern Sets for the years of 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 and the award for Best New Set in 2008.


  • American Numismatic Association, Life Member #5804
  • Florida United Numismatists, Life Member
  • Central States Numismatic Society, Life Member #300
  • National Silver Dollar Roundtable, Life Member #120
  • Society of Private & Pioneer Numismatists
  • Early American Coppers 
  • Liberty Seated Collectors Club
  • Society of U.S. Pattern Collectors

  • Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS #3087)
  • Numismatic Guarantee Corporation (NGC #1824)
  • Paper Money Guarantee Corporation (PMG #4775)
  • PCGS Currency Grading Service (PCGS #905479)
  • American Numismatic Association Certification Service (ANACS)
  • Independent Coin Grading (ICG)
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