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Counterfeit 1799 $10 Eagle seen at CSNS

You never quite know what’s going to turn up at a coin show…that’s part of the fun of it. At the most recent Central States Numismatic Show one of our friends (and a great client too) introduced us to one of his clients (no relation to coins) so we could perform an appraisal on her collection. She had come to acquire this piece in Europe with her late husband fifty or more years ago when coins were acquired then on a much different basis – often by weight and using the terms of “new” and “used.” So in her collection at CSNS, there were the usual random gold coins; some from the United States; some from foreign countries – including Iran! When one sees enough of these coins in person, you get a “feel” for the correctness of the coin as well as the grade. We immediately felt something was not right about this one. As it happened, early gold specialist Paul Nugget was at our table at the same time and he concurred with our opinion.

The non-authentic 1799 $10. Note the details are not as distinct.
The reverse of the fake 1799 $10. Clearly this coin could fool many!
An AU example of an authentic 1799 $10 Eagle.