Flowing Hair Dollars, 1794-1795

Flowing Hair Dollars, 1794-1795

Designed by: Robert Scot

Issued Date: 1794-1795
Composition: 1.8924 part silver, 0.1076 part copper
Diameter: 39 to 40 mm
Weight: 416 grains
Total Business strike mintage: 162,053
Total Proof strike mintage: None

The Flowing Hair dollar design of 1794-1795 is similar to that used on contemporary half dimes and half dollars. The obverse depicts the small head of Miss Liberty facing right, with flowing hair. LIBERTY is above and the date is below. Eight stars are to the left and seven are to the right. The reverse depicts an open wreath enclosing a small eagle perched on a cloud. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA surrounds. The border of this and other early dollars is composed of denticles.

Mintage records indicate that 1,758 pieces were produced in 1794 and 160,295 in 1795 although it has been suggested that as many as 5,000 to 6,000 of the reported figure for 1795 could have been dated 1794. In any event, 1794 is a major rarity in all grades. The type set collector will probably desire an example dated 1795. Most pieces seen are in all grades from About Good to Very Fine. Examples are apt to show mint-caused adjustment marks and to be lightly struck in of preference and pocketbook. Extremely Fine pieces are scarce but still they appear on the market with some frequency. AU coins are rare, and pieces that can be described as strictly Uncirculated are very rare.


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