Liberty Seated Dimes, 1837-1891

Liberty Seated Dimes, 1837-1891

Liberty Seated Dimes were designed by Christian Gobrecht. Millions were produced, in six different design variations. These include:

1837-1838 Liberty Seated, No Stars Type
1838-1840 Liberty Seated, No Drapery Type
1840-1860 Liberty Seated, With Stars Type
1853-1855 Liberty Seated, Arrows at Date Type
1860-1873, 1875-1891 Liberty Seated, Legend Obverse Type
1873-1874 Liberty Seated, Arrows at Date Type

The progression of this series nearly parallels that of the Liberty Seated Half Dime, including a weight reduction beginning in 1853, with the accompanying addition of arrowheads from 1853 to 1855. A transitional Liberty Seated Dime was issued in 1859 without the legend United States of America. In 1873, the weight of the dime was increased from 2.49 grams to 2.50 grams. Although not a large change by our standards, it was an important one in a time when the intrinsic value of a coin was a very serious consideration for the Mint.

With over 120 date and mintmark combinations, this series has presented a challenge to date and type collectors. Many dates are very scarce, including the first few issues without obverse stars, the Philadelphia Mint issues of 1863 to 1867 and 1879 to 1881, the New Orleans Mint issues of 1843 and 1860, the San Francisco Mint issues of 1856, 1858, 1859, 1870, and 1885, and the Carson City Mint issues of 1871-1874. Only one issue, the 1873-CC without arrows, is considered unique and non-collectible.

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