Generic Gold

“Generic” gold are the coins most commonly encountered coins of any particular denomination despite the condition of the coin. Generic gold most always have a comparatively high original mintage. Generic gold includes $1 gold, $2.50 quarter eagles, $3 gold pieces, $5 and $10 Liberty and Indian and $20 Liberty and Saint-Gaudens designs. To determine what is a common, or generic, date we refer to either the PCGS Population Report or the NGC Census. The more coins certified for any particular issue the greater the chances it’s considered as “Generic.” Generics frequently trade merely by grade and service without any indication of the date or mint. Our gold coin graphs on this website report up to 15 years of the daily generic prices for each of the gold coin denominations and can be extremely useful when considering an investment into coins. When you buy Generic Gold by a specific grade from AU Capital Management, we reserve the right to select the coins for you out of available inventory.

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