Addressing extreme discrepancies between PCGS CU values and Ask prices for rare California Fractional gold pieces

California Fractional Gold Encyclopedia

Price discrepancies between the PCGS CU Values and various Ask prices of coins for sale can vary greatly, and often don’t get addressed in public. Just recently we received a very good question from a California Fractional coin enthusiast which we thought we’d bring to light. Our customer “KC” from Florida addresses the 1855 50C […]

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Ancient Coin Profiles – Civic Badge of Cyzicus


Mysia, Cyzicus. Hekte circa 500-450 By Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC…. Cyzicus was one of the great trade cities of the ancient world. It was located on the Sea of Marmara and ruled by the Persian Empire until its capture by Alexander the Great in 334 BCE. Starting in the first half of […]

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AU Capital Management Acquires Unparalleled Collection of California Fractional Gold Coins


AU Capital Management has announced that it has acquired and is offering for sale on its website an unparalleled collection of more than 300 California Fractional Gold coins which can be seen on these websites: , and This collection was recently assembled by a Gentleman Collector who is best known to insiders […]

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Ancient Greek Coins – A Celebration of Music


Olynthus, 355-352. Chalcidian league, 432-348. Tetradrachm, silver by Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC…. Fearful of Athens and the growing power of the Macedonian Kingdom, Olynthus and the other free cities of the Chalcidice banded together in 432 BC, forming the Chalcadian League as a defensive coalition. Athens failed to break up this union […]

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Ancient Greek Coins – New Style Athens Tetradrachm


Attica, Athens AR Tetradrachm. New Style Coinage, circa 154-153 BC by Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC…. Athens was once immensely powerful and independent, but its invincibility was ultimately disproved. It was conquered first by Sparta, then by Macedonia, and eventually by Rome. Athens’ value was well understood, and it was allowed to remain […]

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Ancient Greek Coins – The Enigma of Oinoanda


by Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC…. Oinoanda, an ancient Greek city located in the upper valley of the Xanthus River, was built on the top of a high mountain in the ancient province of Lycia, now modern southwest Turkey. Little is known of the early history of the settlement in spite of several […]

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Ancient Greek Coins – A Celebrated Naval Victory


By Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC…. Antigonus III Doson was the King of Macedon from 229 to 221 BCE, 94 years after the death of Alexander the Great. His predecessor, Demetrius II, died in battle when his heir, Philip V, was only nine years old. Because of the volatile political situation, the Macedonian […]

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