Ancient Greek Coins – A Celebrated Naval Victory


By Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC…. Antigonus III Doson was the King of Macedon from 229 to 221 BCE, 94 years after the death of Alexander the Great. His predecessor, Demetrius II, died in battle when his heir, Philip V, was only nine years old. Because of the volatile political situation, the Macedonian […]

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Ancient Greek Coins – Agathokles’ Victory


Sicily, Syracuse. Agathokles. 317-289 BC. Silver Tetradrachm By Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC…. Agathokles was the last of the larger-than-life rulers of Syracuse, but he was not merely given the right to the throne. He was born in Thermae in 361 BC to a Greek manufacturer of pottery, but he quickly tired of […]

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Ancient Coin Profiles – Portrait of Alexander the Great


Macedonia, Philip II, struck under Philip III; Kolophon, c. 322 BC, Stater By Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC…. With no mass media, ancient coins functioned as powerful tools for propaganda due to their portability and potential to circulate widely. Rulers would carefully choose their types and each element of the designs of their […]

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Ancient Coins – Herakles’ Slaying of the Nemean Lion


MACEDONIAN KINGDOM. Alexander III the Great (336-323 BC). AR tetradrachm By Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC…. The early Macedonian kingdom did not have sufficient access to mines to be able to mass-produce influential coinage. However, when Philip II rose to power in 359 BC, he recognized the importance of mining and prioritized the […]

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The Pogue Collection – The Best of the Best – How the top 1% is performing today as an investment

At the Sotheby’s York Avenue location in New York City last week, the important sale of the D. Brent Pogue Collection took place over what could only be best described as an ‘anxious’ three-hour period. The numismatic auction house Stacks Bowers held the auction in conjunction with Sotheby’s and offered only 128 single coin lots […]

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Ancient Greek Coins – Zeus at Olympia


By Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC….   As the Olympics became progressively more popular, the city of Elis sought to build a new, larger temple which was worthy of Zeus, the king of the gods. The project to build the Temple of Zeus began in 470 BCE and was completed in 456 BCE. […]

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Ancient Coins: War and Peace – The Sikyon Stater

Sikyon AR Stater. Circa 350-330 BCE. Chimaera

Sikyon was located in the northern Peloponnesus and was known in antiquity for its industries, including sculpture, bronze work, and pottery. Its central location meant it was frequently involved in the wars of its neighbors: Thebes, Corinth, Athens, and Sparta. It was the main mint for the anti-Athenian states in the Peloponnesian War and issued […]

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Ancient Greek Coins – Philip II, King of Macedonia


By Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC….   The Colosseo Collection Philip II was the father of Alexander the Great and the youngest son of King Amyntas III. He took the throne in 359 BCE upon the death of his elder brothers, at a time when Macedonia was a poorly organized, economically insignificant, and […]

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From a client of ours…

Dated November 4, 2014: “Dear Russell – Once again my sincere appreciation for your assistance in locating the NGC (Pioneer gold coin). I reviewed my file and noticed it was May 2009 when you alone located the NGC AU55 which I purchased from you. How time flys — Back then (5/09) I felt I needed […]

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Like-Kind Exchange Rules for Gold & Numismatic Coins

We often entertain the possibilities of trades in our business and more often times than not, the subject of the tax consequences for the exchange of coins and precious metals comes up. There always seems to be some question as to what qualifies with the IRS as an allowable exchange of personal property and what […]

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