The Pogue Collection – The Best of the Best – How the top 1% is performing today as an investment

At the Sotheby’s York Avenue location in New York City last week, the important sale of the D. Brent Pogue Collection took place over what could only be best described as an ‘anxious’ three-hour period. The numismatic auction house Stacks Bowers held the auction in conjunction with Sotheby’s and offered only 128 single coin lots […]

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From a client of ours…

Dated November 4, 2014: “Dear Russell – Once again my sincere appreciation for your assistance in locating the NGC (Pioneer gold coin). I reviewed my file and noticed it was May 2009 when you alone located the NGC AU55 which I purchased from you. How time flys — Back then (5/09) I felt I needed […]

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Like-Kind Exchange Rules for Gold & Numismatic Coins

We often entertain the possibilities of trades in our business and more often times than not, the subject of the tax consequences for the exchange of coins and precious metals comes up. There always seems to be some question as to what qualifies with the IRS as an allowable exchange of personal property and what […]

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AU Capital acquires Roman Colosseum Sestertius

Colosseum (1)

We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to acquire one of only six collectible examples of this extremely important Roman Imperial coin on behalf of one of our most consummate clients for a price that was way below what he was prepared to spend. Heritage offered this coin in October of 2012 in their […]

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Counterfeit 1799 $10 Eagle seen at CSNS

The non-authentic 1799 $10. Note the details are not as distinct.

You never quite know what’s going to turn up at a coin show…that’s part of the fun of it. At the most recent Central States Numismatic Show one of our friends (and a great client too) introduced us to one of his clients (no relation to coins) so we could perform an appraisal on her […]

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A Guide to Ancient Coin Collecting


By Joe Jaroch – ……….. Amassing a collection of ancient coins can seem like a daunting task: the US mint has existed for little more than two hundred years, but the Classical world spans a colossal twenty-one centuries. Where would a collection begin, let alone end? That’s where we come in. You don’t need to […]

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CoinWeek Cool Coins Video


PART 1 – Interviewer: David Lisot Whitman Baltimore Expo brings out the coin and currency dealers and collectors. Enjoy this “Cool Coins & Currency” from some of the Whitman dealers. Featuring: Russell Augustin, 1861 $20 PCGS MS67 gold piece, John Brush, 1876 Trade Dollar PCGS MS66, Grant Campbell, 1889-CC Morgan Dollar PCGS MS61, Robert Higgins, […]

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Morgan Dollars


Morgan Dollars are among the most popular of all United States coinage. The series was introduced in 1878 and minted continuously until 1904, and again in 1921. The coins were generally struck in large quantities at a total of five different nationwide Mints. Whereas most issues of the series are readily available, there are some […]

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