Ancient Greek Coins – Front Facing Portraiture


An apparently unique variety (the only specimen known with this magistrate name) of an extremely rare type. By Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC ……   Undoubtedly the finest specimen known of this wonderful issue bearing one of the finest facing portraits of the Greek coinage. Of extraordinary late Classical style and with a […]

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The First Ancient Coins – Aegina’s Sea Turtle


ISLANDS off ATTICA, Aegina. Circa 550-530/25 BC. AR Stater. Sea turtle By Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC …..   Aegina is a rocky and mountainous island in the Saronic Gulf located about 25 miles southeast of Athens. It was settled by the Dorians around 900 BCE and was named after the daughter of […]

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Ancient Roman Coins – The Loyalty of Sextus Pompey


Sextus Pompey; 42-40 BCE, Denarius By Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC ….. After the death of his father, Pompey the Great, in 48 BCE, and the execution of his older brother Gnaeus Pompey the Younger three years later, Sextus Pompey, a skilled naval commander, took over the campaign started by his father. The […]

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Ancient Roman Coins – Octavian and the Battle of Actium


Octavian. Gold Aureus (7.8g) minted at Rome, 32-31 BC By Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC…. Octavian was the son of Julius Caesar’s niece and Caesar himself sponsored his introduction into public life when Octavian accompanied his uncle in his triumph over the Spanish in 46 BCE. Octavian was only 20 years old when […]

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Addressing extreme discrepancies between PCGS CU values and Ask prices for rare California Fractional gold pieces

California Fractional Gold Encyclopedia

Price discrepancies between the PCGS CU Values and various Ask prices of coins for sale can vary greatly, and often don’t get addressed in public. Just recently we received a very good question from a California Fractional coin enthusiast which we thought we’d bring to light. Our customer “KC” from Florida addresses the 1855 50C […]

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CoinWeek Cool Coins! 2016 Episode 1 – 4K Video!


CoinWeek kicks off the new year with a bang with our first episode of Cool Coins! for 2016! In this video, we get to see the finest business strike 1907 Saint-Gaudens $20 double eagle, a circulated Barber half dollar recovered after the sinking of RMS Titanic, a recently discovered 1919 Winged Liberty dime DDO, and […]

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Ancient Coin Profiles – Civic Badge of Cyzicus


Mysia, Cyzicus. Hekte circa 500-450 By Russell A. Augustin, AU Capital Management, LLC…. Cyzicus was one of the great trade cities of the ancient world. It was located on the Sea of Marmara and ruled by the Persian Empire until its capture by Alexander the Great in 334 BCE. Starting in the first half of […]

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