1354-55 English Gold Noble of Edward III NGC MS64 – SOLD


1354-55 English Gold Noble of Edward III NGC MS64, s-1488. It’s very hard to believe that seven centuries ago such a coin was made and even more so that it’s survived all of these years. All Hammered gold is rare and extremely rare in high states-of-preservation, such as the present specimen. There have been a few higher grade coins that have appeared over the past decade of this specific variety, or some close to it, but only one that could even come close to the quality of this coin. In fact, it was auction in May of 2016 by CNG and was described as EF and lightly toned. It brought $8,500 hammer, or approximately $10,200 invoiced out the door. We think that makes this coin a great deal.

Edward III ruled between 1327-1377. The present coin was struck in the pre-treaty period and is attributed to the London mint based upon the series E. Tower. It was struck between 1354 and 1355. On the obverse we see Є DWΛRD DЄI GRΛ RЄX : ΛIIGL’ 7 FRΛNC D hУ · B. Edward III is standing facing in ship, holding sword and shield with ornaments, ropes and quatrefoils. The reverse depicts IhC ΛVTЄm TRΛIICIЄIIS P mЄDIVm ILLORVm IBAT, and showing a voided short cross potent over cross fleurée; in each angle, a crown over lion passant. At the center, Є is within the quadrilobe and all are within polylobe, with a trefoil in each arch and a lis in second quarter. Struck on a broad flan.