1794 1C Flowing Hair, Head of ’94 (S-22) NGC AU58



1794 1C Flowing Hair Large Cent, Head of ’94. NGC AU-58. Sheldon-22, B-6, Rarity-1. In the Condition Census for the Sheldon-22, Del Bland records three AU55 pieces as the finest known examples of this common variety, followed by six others that grade AU50. Noyes grades each of the top five pieces AU55, distinguishing them by surface quality. Earlier, in Penny Whimsy, Sheldon called two pieces Mint State: “the Bent Lock variety is not so common in Mint State as we formerly supposed [in Early American Cents]. In the present review only two 60-coins have been accounted for.” The ‘Bent Lock’ variety has the diagnostic of the sixth hair lock from the bottom hooking straight down.

After a short run of die marriages was produced from the 1793 head punch created the previous year by Joseph Wright, a long sequence of varieties was coined from new head punches known today as the Head of 1794. These dies were created by, or under the supervision, of Chief Engraver Robert Scot. Some numismatists believe Scot actually engraved the dies, while others believe he was a consultant or figurehead in the engraving department, supervising others who actually performed the work.