1794 Flowing Hair 50C, Overton-105 PCGS VF25 – SOLD



1794 Flowing Hair Half Dollar PCGS VF25. O-105. Rarity-5.┬áThis prime example of the first year-of-issue half dollar has only been seen on the market once – back in January of 2014. Up until then it was unknown to the numismatic market. At the time it appeared for sale, it was cataloged as “While there are several varieties of the 1794 Flowing Hair half dollar that are rarer than the Overton-105 variety, it is still a more difficult variety to find than the usually encountered O-101 or O-101a. Today, any 1794 half is a treasure. After languishing for a long period when not fully appreciated for its rarity, about a dozen years ago the date skyrocketed in value along with other early silver type. Today, collectors clamor for attractive examples.

This midgrade 1794 half displays the characteristics of apparently being housed in an early Wayte Raymond coin board for many years. It acquired lovely toning in concentric rings of deeper iridescent color — highly prized by today’s collectors. The surfaces are remarkably clean for the grade, with no individually important obverse abrasions. The reverse shows several mint-caused adjustment marks, most obvious on the upper portion of the eagle, but these do not detract from the grade or the appeal. A highly desirable, first-year early half. Population: 38 in 25, 57 finer.”

Today, nearly three years later, we note the PCGS population is 45 in 25 with 69 finer.