1795 $1 Flowing Hair, Silver Plug, PCGS VF25 – SOLD


1795 $1 Flowing Hair, Three Leaves, Silver Plug, B-7, BB-18, PCGS VF25. PCGS Price Guide valued at $20,000. The present specimen was recently acquired from Heritage for $15,275 who recently needed to sell it to us. This is the Heritage catalog description: “…Bowers Die State I. At the early U.S. Mint, silver dollar planchets had to fall within a narrow weight standard. Overweight flans were filed, accounting for the adjustment marks seen on many examples. Underweight planchets were either melted or brought up to standard by inserting a small silver plug at the center of the planchet just prior to the strike. According to third party census data, BB-21, BB-18, and BB-31 are the most available 1795 varieties with a silver plug, although examples of BB-11, BB-13, BB-14, and BB-27 have also been certified as such. The silver plug is evident on the present piece by a faint circular outline on the central reverse. The wheat-gold fields and steel-gray devices are unabraided aside from a faded line below the L in LIBERTY. Minor flan flaws are noted behind Liberty’s head and through the N in UNITED.”