1797 $10 Capped Bust, Large Eagle reverse NGC MS61 – SOLD


1797 $10 Capped Bust, Large Eagle reverse NGC MS61. Bass-Dannreuther Die State d/b, with faint die breaks on the reverse from the rim through the left side of R in AMERICA and another bisecting the C in the same word. This well skinned example displays a pleasing, thick patina, attesting to its originality. The strike is average for the issue, if not a bit sharper than usual, and we find no individual flaws or visual distractions worthy of mention.

The Small Eagle ten dollar pieces were struck with dates 1795, 1796, and 1797, but the mintage was probably produced only from September 1795 until June 1797. A single variety of 1797 Small Eagle is known, while there are three variants of the 1797 Large Eagle coins, from a single obverse die and three reverse dies. The common obverse shows a die crack running from the rim through the last 7 in the date and onward to the bust on all known specimens. The stars are arranged 10 and six. The inner point of star 10 grows successively shorter, through lapping, when paired with each subsequent reverse.

The reverses are distinguished chiefly by the style of the eagle’s neck and the arrangement of stars. On the BD-4 Large Eagle reverse, the eagle’s neck is long and thick, but tapered, and the stars have an unusual cross pattern.The BD-4 1797 variety must have been struck in 1798, as the common obverse is in a later state than on BD-3, which we know was struck later.

  • Original mintage of 10,940 coins.
  • Population of 29 coins with 16 finer (1 in MS63 is Finest).
  • A total of 167 certified in all conditions.
  • NGC Price Guide $74,000 – up from $72,500 one year ago!
  • Breen-6834, Taraszka-12, Bass Dannreuther-4, High Rarity-4.