1799/8 1C Large Cent (NC-1) NGC AG3 Ex. Mervis



1799/8 1C Large Cent NGC AG3, NC-1, B-1, R.7. EAC Grade AG3. The two 1799/8 overdate varieties share an obverse die, and their reverse dies are similar. For that reason, one of the eight pieces listed in the Bland and Noyes census lists turned out to be an S-188, and there are only seven examples known. The present piece, which Del Bland grades Good 5, is tied for third finest of the seven. Bill Noyes assigns a lower grade and records this piece in a fifth place tie. Regardless of its grade, this is an important opportunity to acquire an extremely rare variety, with few new discoveries. Three of the seven were first identified between 1947 and 1972, and four others were found in the 1990s.

The present piece is one of the four pieces found in the 1990s, exhibiting light brown on the obverse and darker brown on the reverse, both sides with microscopic roughness. The date and LIBERTY are complete, and the legend is mostly readable.  Ex: Evan Kopald, who purchased this piece unattributed on 4/21/1997; Chris Victor-McCawley; later, Chris Victor McCawley (7/2005); Phillip Clover Collection of U.S. Large Cents (Heritage, 9/2012), lot 3205.
From The Adam Mervis Large Cent Collection.