1841-O $10 Liberty No Motto NGC AU50 – SOLD


1841-O $10 Liberty No Motto NGC AU50. The 1841-O Liberty gold Eagle is a very special coin in the eyes of eagle specialists and/or branch gold enthusiasts. With only 2,500 pieces produced, the 1841-O has the lowest mintage of any Liberty eagle dated 1838 to 1858. Fewer than 100 survivors are accounted for, making this the second rarest No Motto Liberty eagle from the New Orleans Mint after the 1859-O, and the third rarest when we include Motto issues (which brings the 1883-O into play). No Mint State coins have been graded by the major certification services. With AU examples highly elusive, the 1841-O trades places with the 1859-O to become the prime condition rarity among New Orleans Mint tens of the No Motto type. This exciting AU example will surely attract advanced gold specialists.