1846-D $2.50 Liberty PCGS MS62 – SOLD


1846-D $2.50 Liberty PCGS MS62. A beautiful example, with an absolute minimum of contact marks and abrasions present; in short, choice for the grade. We’re struck by the lushness of the canary-yellow fields and the contrast we see between the devices. Only 19,303 were originally minted. There are perhaps 175-200 coins known with at least three-quarters of these in the Very Fine to Extremely Fine category. Low-end AU coins are reasonably easy to find, but the 1846-D becomes a challenging issue in the Mint State grades and a major rarity in MS-62 and above. Mint State survivors are rarer than those of the 1843-D, 1844-D, 1847-D, 1848-D and 1857-D.

The obverse is absolutely fully struck with no weakness on the hair or the denticles. Under 7x magnification, we do see a small nick just below Liberty’s chin which serves to identify this coin in the future. On the reverse, some lightness shows on the denticles from 9 o’clock to 11 o’clock. The central reverse is bold and there is no sign of any weakness on the eagle’s left (facing) leg.
Unlike the Green Pond MS-62 specimen, there no mint-made reverse planchet flake at the base of the TA in STATES, instead, the reverse is quite clean. Other Mint State examples we’ve analyzed feature die cracks often at the rim in AMERICA and running through the field and into the feathers or cracks that run from the first S in STATES through to the rim. This particular specimen shows a very thin die crack from the D in UNITED through the left wing tip and to the first S in STATES. It appears again at the base of ES in STATES and runs through the upper right field through the base of the word OF through the field again, up and over the right wing tip and into the base of A in AMERICA.

All-in-all, this is a terrific Mint State gold examples for the fabled Dahlonega, Georgia mint.