1849-O $10 Liberty No Motto NGC AU53 – SOLD



1849-O $10 Liberty No Motto NGC AU53. In his 2006 book entitled Gold Coins of the New Orleans Mint: 1839-1909, Doug Winter describes the 1849-O as, “…the second scarcest New Orleans No Motto eagle from the 1840s and…one of the most undervalued gold coins from this mint.” Only 23,900 pieces were produced, and this issue is actually the rarest New Orleans Mint Eagle in all grades after only the 1841-O, 1857-O and 1859-O, and has an extant population of perhaps only 75-85 coins.

As is typical, this coin is softly struck but still possesses enough detail with enough luster in evidence to support the assigned grade of AU53. There are no revealing abrasions that we deem worthy of individual attention.