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1852 $10 Wass, Molitor & Co. Wide Date Large Head NGC MS60 – SOLD


1852 $10 gold Wass, Molitor & Company, Large Head, Wide Date NGC. MS60. K-4, R.5.  This variety is characterized by the short neck and pointed bust on Liberty and the wide, uneven date. Miss Liberty’s coronet reads W.M. & Co. in lieu of LIBERTY. These coins are always interesting as the obverse die was cut too deeply, causing the reverse to appear to be much weaker than the obverse. While most of the gold coins current in San Francisco in 1857 were the twenties from the new mint, there were still significant numbers of private gold coins used in the channels of commerce. Many of these 1852 Wass Molitor $10 Eagles were found in the recovery effort of the shipwreck the S.S.Central America, increasing the known population significantly.



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