1852 $10 Wass, Molitor & Co. Wide Date Small Head PCGS AU55 – SOLD

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1852 $10 Wass, Molitor & Company, Small Head PCGS AU55.┬áK-3, R.6. The “plugged die” obverse. An incredible coin for the advanced numismatist and perhaps one of the finest known. The central devices are weakly impressed, with softness on Liberty’s curls and on the reverse eagle and shield. Luster remains in the fields, and this coin saw little actual circulation. The coiner took the 1851 obverse die, drilled out the final digit, replaced that part of the die with a “2” inset which filled the drilled-out portion, and continued striking coins. A telltale circle around the 2 remains, and the process was apparently repeated on the 1855 version. The surfaces are attractive and show minimal signs of handling or circulation. PCGS has graded a total of 26 examples of this elusive coin; this is currently the finest (1/09). Parenthetically, this coin does not show on the PCGS website; the finest examples are a pair of AU53 coins.


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