1852-O $20 Liberty Double Eagle NGC AU50 Ex.S.S. Republic – SOLD



There were ONLY (20) 1852O $20 gold coins brought up from the shipwreck of the S.S. Republic. NGC conserved and graded all of these coin by September 2004 and has encapsulated (19) in all with one in Mint State (MS61). This coin is the sole (1) AU50 from that shipwreck.
The S.S. Republic sank with quite a treasure trove of minted $20 gold coins dated 1850 to 1865. Note how few New Orleans mint gold coins were recovered!
Here is the breakdown of the $20 gold by mint:
  • 1,248 from the San Francisco Mint (46.7%)
  • 1,355 from the Philadelphia mint (50.6%)
  • 72 from the New Orleans Mint (2.7%)
We’ve never had a chance to handle one of these coins from the Republic and in a comprehensive study of public auction records we cannot find any of these coins ever appearing for sale!
New Orleans mint gold is hugely popular right now – and the added benefit of actually having the present specimen brought up from a ‘time capsule’ like a shipwreck certainly adds to the mystery, intrigue and desirability of such an item.

Only 20 coins of this date from this mint recovered from the S.S. Republic

This is the ONLY AU50 certified by NGC

New Orleans mint gold made up ONLY 2.7% of the entire double eagle treasure!

No 1852O $20 gold coin has ever appeared for sale at auction and according to our records, only one 1852O $10 gold has appeared – 9 years ago!