1856-D $1 Gold Type 3 PCGS AU53 – SOLD


1856-D $1 Gold Type 3 PCGS AU53.¬†All 1,460 examples were struck from a single die pair in May, 1856. The 1856-D has the second lowest mintage of all gold dollars, trailing only the 1875. It is also one of the scarcest of all issues of this denomination in and around Mint State. Typical for the ’56-D, this piece is softly defined on the hair curls and the U of UNITED is very flat, diagnostic of this date. The surfaces are clean for the grade, with only a few faint handling marks. Luster clings to the fields near the devices, along with light, original straw-gold patina. A small planchet flake is noted from Liberty’s headdress, through the first T of STATES to the rim, this being mentioned for pedigree purposes. Very choice for the grade.