1857-S $20 Liberty Double Eagle PCGS MS64 Prooflike Ex.SS Central America #4977



1857-S $20 Liberty Double Eagle PCGS MS64 Prooflike CAC Ex.S.S.Central America #4977. This is a 20A “Spiked Shield” variety. What an amazing coin from perhaps THE most famous shipwreck with gold coin treasure in our nation’s history. IT IS PROOFLIKE! ANY $20 in “Prooflike” is an extraordinary acquisition, let alone from a Shipwreck. PCGS decided to grade a select few gold double eagles with the PROOFLIKE designation. Typically, it is their policy NOT to grade any other gold as PROOFLIKE. NGC is the only other service that grades gold as “prooflike.” In fact, PCGS certified only 50 coins in all grades Prooflike. There are three (3) MS65’s; nineteen (19) MS64’s; and twenty-eight (28) in MS61 through MS63. PCGS also did grade six (6) coins as Deep Mirror Prooflike, one of which we are offering for sale on our website now. The market for the S.S. Central America memorabilia is on the verge of another market surge. The second salvage has now been brought up from the depths, has been cataloged and certified by PCGS and now leaking out into the marketplace. The publics attention is once again centering on this time capsule and historic provenance. Own a piece of this historical S.S. Central America treasure!

The present specimen displays an amazing cameo contrast – even better than the Deep Prooflike we are offering for $88,500. It has this wonderful deeper golden yellow overlaid with a orangish cast, most of which is caused by the reflectivity of the fields. Obviously this is a coin that presents itself better in person, as it’s hard to see how exactly extreme this coin is in our images, but you won’t be disappointed! We think it’s one of the, if not THE, most outstanding Type One twenty from the Central America treasure.