1859-S $20 Liberty PCGS XF45 Ex.S.S. Brother Jonathan – SOLD


1859-S $20 Liberty PCGS XF45 Ex.S.S.Brother Jonathan. Shipwreck buyers! Take note! This is one of the rarest items to come off of any shipwreck. 1859 San Francisco mint gold double eagles are rare anyway – but coming from the shipwreck of the Brother Jonathan??? Not only is are Brother Jonathan gold coins at the top of the list in terms of shipwreck desirability today – this 1859-S is ONE of only FOUR coins recovered in all grades. We’ve never seen or heard any other 1859-S $20’s for sale from this shipwreck, which occurred six years (1865) after this coin was minted. The S.S. Republic, according to Garrett and Guth in their Gold Encyclopedia had a scant 67 examples recovered. All were circulated, and only one attained a Mint State designation.

Definitely a cornerstone for the advanced collector of gold rush/shipwreck lore!