1860 $10 Clark, Gruber & Co. “Mountain 10” NGC AU58 – SOLD


1860 $10 Clark, Gruber & Co. “Mountain 10” NGC AU58. This is a never-before seen example of the “Mountain $10” and new to the market. We’ve examined dozens of examples having appeared over the past forty years and we’re sure this specimen has never appeared at public auction. This coin is completely original with that “old-gold” toning and plenty of luster shining through. The AU58 grades is most likely from light cabinet friction. We find this would be a superb addition to any advanced collection!

Struck in the Territory of Jefferson as it was known in 1859 and 1860; the Colorado name would not be adopted until 1861. Clark, Gruber & Co. were notable bankers, brokers, assayers, and later, minters. As noted in Breen’s 1988 Encyclopedia, “It has been well said that the history of the beginning of commerce in Colorado Territory is the history of this firm.” Located at the intersection of McGaw and G Streets in Denver City, the firm’s ‘”coinage office” produced trial strikings of four denominations—quarter eagle, half eagle, eagle, and double eagle—on July 11, 1860. By July 20 local bigwigs and the press were invited to the office to witness the first coinage by the firm, in this case $10 gold pieces, about 100 pieces all told. An early advertisement by Clark, Gruber & Co. appearing in the August 8, 1860 edition of the Rocky Mountain News and again the next day in the Western Mountaineer, specified that “The native gold is coined as it is found alloyed with silver. The weight will be greater, but the value the same as the United States coin of like denominations.”