BG-1205 Goofy Head $1 Round 1870, NGC MS64 Prooflike R4+



1870 $1 Goofy Head Round, BG-1205, High R.4, NGC MS64 Prooflike. This is one of the coins within the series where we do not know the identity of the mint, a therefore call it “Unknown Maker C.” This is one of only eight varieties of Period Two Round gold dollars, preserved in a nice near-Mint State condition. The “Goofy Head” appellation, of course, comes from the somewhat androgynous, lantern-jawed representation of Liberty. This particular coin has a nice, bold prooflike strike. “Top of the Pop” coin and the Prooflike designation makes it a candidate for the finest known. Only four (4) are graded and this is tied for the honors.

Obv: 13 small 6-pointed stars around a ‘goofy’ Liberty head. 1st star to left of bust point. Coronet points between 5th and 6th stars.

Rev: CALIFORNIA GOLD outside of wreath. 1 DOLLAR 1870. within wreath. A berry to the middle left of D and middle right of R.