1878 $3 Princess NGC MS60 CAC – PQ!!! – SOLD


1878 $3 Princess NGC MS60 CAC. We don’t often see MS60 graded coins anymore – the grade is mostly a thing of the past. But every now and then we buy in older holdered coin collections. Such is the case here. This 1878 $3 Princess is a CHoice Mint State coin, but it has two obverse marks that accurately render it to the MS60 or MS61 status. It’s kind of cutting hairs. But for a MS60, this coin really has some pizzaz to it-! If you can overlook the cut on the Princesses chin and a hidden vertical scratch in the left obverse field, this may be the coin for your collection. There is also some faint tinges of russet within the reverse reeding located between 2 and 5 o’clock.

CAC finds it to be up to their standards as well and interestingly, this is the ONLY MS60 1878 $3 endorsed by their service! In fact, CAC has endorsed only five MS60’s out of all of the issues struck from 1854 to 1889. Interesting indeed-!