1879-O $10 Liberty with Motto NCS AU Details – SOLD


1879-O $10 Liberty with Motto NCS AU Details. The 1879-O is an iconic issue and widely known as the second-rarest Motto Eagle from the New Orleans Mint, second to the even lower-mintage 1883-O. Among No Motto Tens from New Orleans, only the 1859-O is rarer than the 1879-O. The present example has exceptional detail as you can see and without the cleaning would be a great candidate for the AU58 grade (and a $25,000 price tag?). There is still mint luster within and around the devices, especially at the date and stars.

We note an AU Details NCS coin brought $7,637.50 in February of 2014. In fact, it presently has a “Buy Now” price of $19,075 on the Heritage website. Heritage adequately cataloged that coins as “…With such a low mintage, the initial die polish never wore off, and almost all examples are prooflike to one degree or another. This piece retains much of that field brightness, and in addition the surfaces show extra brightness from cleaning. Numerous small- to medium-sized abrasions are scattered across each side, but the only one worthy of individual mention is a shallow scrape behind the mouth of Liberty.
From Christopher Bently’s Nob Hill Collection.”