1902 SC$1 Wells Fargo & Co. Semicentennial-Silver NGC MS63



1902 So-Called $1 Wells Fargo & Co. Semicentennial-Silver NGC MS63. Issued by Wells Fargo on March 18, 1902, this heavy silver medal was given to “each employee in the Company’s service for more than one year.” The obverse features an aesthetically pleasing stage coach scene protecting riders and cargo from bandit(s) above a ribbon with the title “Wells Fargo & Company” across and from left to right with a Pony Express scene of a rider defending his saddle bags against a marauding indian and menacing snake below. The reverse depicts a ship steaming towards a factory on a pier scene above bisected by a symbolic telegraph pole with a 4-4-0 steam locomotive, tender and a baggage car with the Wells Fargo and Company Express inscription below. Beneath this is featured crossed quill pens and keys. And further below this is a clenched upright left hand emitting bolts of lightening. Located across center of the entire design is ribbon which states “1852 March 18th 1902” and between the symbolism of the pens and keys is a plaque which states “Express and Banking.” The word “Fidelity” appears in exergue.