1907-D $20 Liberty Double Eagle PCGS MS64 CAC – SOLD


1907-D $20 Liberty Double Eagle PCGS MS64 CAC.┬áThe Denver mint produced Liberty head double eagles in 1906 and 1907 only. Their mint records state that the first coins were struck on September 30 of 1907 and according to Dave Bowers, he learned long ago that Virgil Brand had notes that he acquired one on July 8, of 1907. Though somewhat confusing, he goes on to say that it is highly likely┬áthese were struck with Cripple Creek gold due to the gold mine’s proximity to the Denver Mint.

Taking a more contemporary view, CAC has endorsed only 108 of these double eagles in all states-of-preservation. Comparing this to a total of 2,674 coins certified by PCGS, we can conclude that less than 5% of certified coins are eligible for the second opinion by CAC. Furthermore, the last (and only) 1907-D $20 with the “old green” insert brought $4,935 in April of 2016 (this coin was not endorsed by CAC).

In fact, we’ve run some numbers for auction appearances on the PCGS MS64 1907-D $20. Since January of 2013, nineteen (19) examples have sold at auction with the average price realized of $4,221. Of these 19, three (3) coins were CAC. The average price realized for the three is $5,582. So between the one (1) non-CAC OGH selling for $4,935 and the three (3) CAC examples selling for an average price of $5,582, we find our ask price of $4,500 to be a significant bargain for the astute-minded collector/dealer.