1928 Augustus Saint-Gaudens Uniface Bronze Plaque, NGC MS63



1928 (but undated) Augustus Saint-Gaudens Uniface Bronze Plaque, NGC MS63. Created by the Medallic Art Company and most likely by C. Warner Williams. Very few examples were produced and survivors are scarce in today’s market. This is the only example certified by NGC to the best of our knowledge. A must addition for any advanced 20th century Double Eagle set!

In 1904, President Theodore Roosevelt broke with U.S. Mint tradition by inviting an outside artist, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, to design and sculpt a twenty-dollar gold piece.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens gave his full personal attention to creating America’s most beautiful coin design, the high relief $20 gold piece of 1907. Accredited as the modern world’s most attractive coin, his desire was to prove to an American president – Theodore Roosevelt – that 20th century coin design could equal that of ancient Greeks. A century later, in 2009, his art concept was indeed solidified by the U.S. Treasury issuing his high relief $20 coin Double Eagle as a gold bullion coin, replicating his 1907 original high relief in a 21st century version.

In addition to his accreditation as creating the modern world’s most attractive coin design, he is also universally considered – by every standard – to be America’s most preeminent sculptor.

His monograms are noteworthy. He signed the $20 coin model with AG monogram. It appears he tried to use a different style ASG monogram for each medallic work, a feat he could not do for his reliefs or sculpture in the round.

Augustus Saint-Gaudens was a recipient of the first American Academy of Arts and Letter Gold Medal for Sculpture, 1909. A decade earlier he was one of the founders and Fellow Member of the National Sculpture Society.