1995 50 Yuan Gold Panda Large Date NGC MS69 – SOLD



1995 50 Yuan Gold Panda Large Date NGC MS69. The KEY Date to the China Panda series! Brilliant and UNTONED (even though our scan picks up the obverse device shadow as a brownish gold). According to NGC’s Peter Anthony, the Large Date is much more difficult to locate than the Small Date. This fact is borne out in the Census data: A total of 72 Large Date coins (like this one) have been certified by NGC with 54 in grade MS69. There is one finer. A total of 155 Small Date coins have been certified by NGC with 98 in grade MS69. There is one finer. The present displays a brilliant honey-yellow gold finish with cameo contrasts with the devices. The fields are deeply mirrored. There is no discoloration whatsoever (despite our scan looks slightly brown at the shoulder of the panda bear).

Peter Anthony of NGC Comments: The 1995 50 Yuan 1/2 oz. Large Date gold Panda is a Shenyang Mint product. 1995 was an interesting year for Pandas. Although announced mintages were reasonable it soon became clear that Pandas from this year were difficult to come by. This was a time period when many other series of Chinese coins took over the spotlight and collectors, or even hoarders, for this coin were few. So it ‘s no surprise that the 1995 50 Yuan remains a scarce coin today. In fact it is now considered to be one of the key coins of the 1/2 oz. gold Panda series.

There are two major varieties of the 1995 gold Pandas: Large Date and Small Date. The two versions are not hard to tell apart; the numerals of the Small Date are clearly smaller than those of the Large Date. For variety collectors the 50 Yuan gold Small Dates are significantly easier to find than the Large Dates.

In a Coin World Article dated 6/1/16…

The 1995 Chinese Panda half-ounce gold 50-yuan coin is the key to the series

of half-ounce Panda gold coins.

 Panda coin expert Peter Anthony’s advice about collecting 1995 Panda gold bullion coins sounds like a Chinese proverb. “To look for one is to begin a long journey, as they are infrequently seen,” he wrote in the second edition of his popular book about the series, Gold and Silver Panda Coin Buyer’s Guide. According to Anthony, “Many 1995 Panda coins are hard to find and expensive to buy when you do.” The 1995 gold Pandas, in all sizes, are key dates to the series. Sales were low, because precious metal prices were stuck in a slump, Anthony said. “It is possible that, at most, only a couple of hundred of really top-flight coins exist in the [half-ounce and quarter-ounce] sizes.” Copper spots notoriously plague Panda coins and the 1995 Panda coins aren’t immune to that menace. The Panda half-ounce gold coin is denominated 50 yuan and has a reported mintage of 11,749 coins. The population surviving in Brilliant Uncirculated condition is smaller, at fewer than 1,750 pieces, according to Anthony. The reverse of the coin shows a delightful panda gripping a branch of bamboo. The obverse carries the standard image of the Temple of Heaven. Experts believe long-term demand for Chinese Pandas can only grow, given the population.

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