1st Century Rome (10th Caesar): Vespasian gold Aureus, c.69-79 AD, NGC CHXF Boscoreale Hoard



Vespasian AV Aureus. Struck at the Lugdunum mint, circa AD 72-73. The obverse features IMP CAES VESPAS AVG P M TR P IIII P P COS IIII, with his laureated head facing right. The reverse features PACI AVGVSTI, with a Nemesis advancing right, pointing a caduceus at snake before her. NGC Choice XF 4/5 Strike – 4/5 Surface.

Ex Ambrose Collection;
Ex Archer M. Huntington Collection, HSA 22292;
From the Boscoréale Hoard of 1895.

The famous Boscoréale hoard, recovered in 1895, consisted of 109 pieces of gold and silver plate, along with over 1,000 gold aurei. The hoard had belonged to the owners of a wine-producing villa rustica on the south-eastern slopes of Vesuvius near the modern-day village of Boscoréale, hence its name. The hoard was placed in an empty cistern in the wine cellar of the villa when its owners fled before the eruption of AD 79, and while the villa began to be excavated in 1876 the coins remained undisturbed until 1895.