$ 2.50 Indian Quarter Eagle NGC MS62



$2.50 Indian gold Quarter Eagle NGC MS62 (We offer both PCGS and NGC at this price, but being generic gold, dates are of our choice). NGC published value = $450 as of the time of this writing. You may receive this exact coin or a substantially similar one depending upon our order flow. If this is the case, the denomination, grade, service and price will be the same but the coin date will be of our choice. PayPal orders add 3%. We do not accept credit cards at this time. Except for the past year, the price levels of MS62 $2.50 Indians have hovered at this level for the past couple of years, no doubt due to the demand coming from collectors of the 15-piece $2.50 Indian sets. Prior to this though, we haven’t seen prices this low since the start of the last market rally in 2003. See our website tab entitled “Gold Charts” for a much more technical graph analysis of price movement. Got one to sell? Call 630-280-7300 for the latest quotes.

The “Indian Head” $2.50 Quarter Eagles were designed by Bela Lyon Pratt of Boston, Massachusetts. These coins, as well as the “Indian Head” $5 Half Eagles, are the only United States Federal coins minted using a technique of impressing the design of a coin by striking called incuse. Unlike most other coins, an incuse coin does not have raised edges. Perhaps the most distinguished feature of an incuse coin is the design devices and legend, although still in relief, lie below the plane of the surface of the coin.

The opinion of the general public on this radically new design was mixed, however, it was apparent that some controversy was inevitable. In fact, noted numismatist Samuel Chapman wrote to President Roosevelt at the time, exclaiming that the coins lacked beauty; were easily counterfeited; unhygienic and did not form stacks of equal height. The man who originally suggested the incuse design to the President, Dr, Bigelow, then rebuked Mr. Chapman’s remarks to the President. Despite these outbursts, 7,252,147 Indian Head Quarter Eagles were minted between 1908 to 1929. No coins were minted between the years of 1916 and 1924.

The Indian Head Quarter Eagle series is by far the most widely collected series of regular issue, United States Federal gold coins. It consists of 15 Business Strike coins and 8 Proofs. Philadelphia minted coins for each of the 13 years represented in both Business Strike and Proofs. Denver minted Business Strike coins in 1911, 1914 and 1925 only. These coins are quite affordable and are most often found in varying degrees of uncirculated condition, although the total number of remaining coins is less than 1% of the original mintage!