$20 Saint-Gaudens with Motto Double Eagle NGC MS62



$20 Saint-Gaudens with Motto gold Double Eagle NGC MS62 (generic gold, dates of our choice). NGC published value = $1,760 as of the time of this writing. You may receive this exact coin or a substantially similar one depending upon our order flow. If this is the case, the denomination, grade, service and price will be the same but the coin date will be of our choice. PayPal orders add 3%. We do not accept credit cards at this time. Except for approximately one year ago, the price levels of MS62 Saints haven’t been this low since January of 2008. See our website tab entitled “Gold Charts” for a much more technical graph analysis of price movement and it’s correlation to spot gold. Got one to sell? Call 630-280-7300 for the latest quotes.

Designed by noted sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the classically designed walking Liberty on this $20 Gold Piece is considered by many to be the most beautiful U.S. coin ever struck. Originally designed in very high relief, the design devices were soon lowered due to the fact that multiple blows of the dies were needed to bring up all the details on the high relief pieces. There are three major Varieties of the Saint-Gaudens $20 Double Eagle. These include:

  • Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, High Relief, 1907
  • Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, No Motto, 1907-1908
  • Saint-Gaudens Double Eagle, With Motto, 1908-1933

There were a total of 54 Business Strike and and 12 Proof Strike examples minted. Of this original number, one Business Strike (1933) is legally unobtainable and three Proof Strikes are virtually impossible to acquire: the 1907 Ultra High Relief (24 known – most unobtainable), the 1907 Arabic (3-4 known) and the unique 1908 Satin or “Roman Finish” Proof.

Despite the fact that many dates within the series are quite expensive, the Saint-Gaudens $20 Double Eagle series is a very popular one to collect by those with the financial means to complete it. This series includes one of the few 20th century overdate coins, the 1909 over 8. Other scarce issues in the series includes the low mintage 1908-S, the extremely rare and seldom offered 1927-D, and all issues between 1929 and 1932. Apparently, the majority of these later issues, along with the 1927-D, were melted down during the 1930’s. Over 400,000 pieces dated 1933 were struck, but they were never officially released and are not legal to own. In fact, when one did surface in 1954, from the collection of King Farouk of Egypt, it was withdrawn from auction and confiscated by the Federal Government.