$ 5 Liberty Half Eagle NGC MS62



$5 Liberty gold Half Eagle NGC MS62 (generic gold, dates of our choice). NGC published value = $625 as of the time of this writing. You may receive this exact coin or a substantially similar one depending upon our order flow. If this is the case, the denomination, grade, service and price will be the same but the coin date will be of our choice. PayPal orders add 3%. We do not accept credit cards at this time. Except for the past year, the price levels of MS62 $5 Libertys haven’t been this low since January of 2008. The premiums are virtually non-existent as well. See our website tab entitled “Gold Charts” for a much more technical graph analysis of price movement. Got one to sell? Call 630-280-7300 for the latest quotes.

Like the Liberty Head Quarter Eagle, Christian Gobrecht designed the Half Eagles. Prior to 1900, they circulated heavily in the West, where distrust of paper currency was widespread. In the North and East, where paper currency circulated freely, gold coins of all denominations suffered from disuse, most eventually finding their way back to the Mint. The are two major Varieties of the Liberty Half Eagle. These include:

  • Liberty Half Eagle, No Motto, 1838-1866
  • Liberty Half Eagle, With Motto, 1866-1908

The 1839-C is a minor Variety and is technically a one-year Type coin, since it has the mintmark placement on the Obverse above the date, rather than on the reverse, typical of all subsequent issues.

The Liberty Head Half Eagle was the only U.S. coin to be struck at each of the seven mints. Particularly scarce among the half eagles are the San Francisco issues of 1854 and 1864, the Carson City issues of 1870 and 1878, and the Philadelphia issues of 1875 and 1887. Most of the Charlotte and Dahlonega Mint issues are scarce, and some are unique or unknown in uncirculated grades.