A.Bechtler $1 CAROLINA gold DOL: 27G 21ct PCGS AU50 CAC – SOLD


(Struck circa 1842-52) $1 Gold A. Bechtler DOL: 27G. 21C. Plain Edge PCGS AU50. K-24, Rarity-3. CAC. The Bechtler gold has a very important place in our numismatic history as these coins were struck from our nation’s first gold rush in the south eastern region of the Carolina’s and Georgia, and it further filled an imperative need for a medium of exchange. Since human interaction was limited primarily to seaports, there was varied use of a standard currency. When gold was discovered in 1799, it still took over 30 years to establish some kind of efficient mint process.

The present gold dollar is a strong example of that period in our nation’s history. These gold dollars were so widely accepted by southerners, most continued to use them during the civil war. Even the mint decided it was in their best interest to create a gold dollar denomination in 1849, nearly two decades after Bechtler made his first dollar out of native North Carolina gold.

Not too many Pioneer coins get the CAC endorsement, especially the Southern gold from the 1830’s. Consider this when choosing the coin for your collection. Comparatively speaking, even with higher grade AU examples, we can really appreciate the present state-of-preservation this coin is in. It has a soft, mellow gold appearance and has obviously somehow missed the ravages of time. Many of these coins that exist today are bent or impaired in some way. Not this one, and CAC agrees.