Bechtler $2.50 GEORGIA gold 64G. Even ’22’ PCGS AU55 CAC



(Struck circa 1837 to 1842) $2.50 Bechtler GEORGIA GOLD, 64G., Even ’22’ PCGS AU55. High Rarity-6. CAC. This is a really exciting coin. Not many realize how very rare the “EVEN 22” variety is for the Bechtler series. We for one know first hand as we worked to assemble the PCGS Registry Set for Bechtlers from 2005 until 2013, when many of the coins were sold and eventually found their way into the Dr. Christopher Allen collection. THE ONE COIN we could not locate was the EVEN 22 $2.50 Bechtler variety. In our opinion, this coin is 20-30 times as rare as the 22 UNEVEN variety. A mere review of auction records would show that to be the case. For example, PCGS shows 50+ auction records for the UNEVEN 22 whereas there are only 3 auction records for the EVEN 22 example – two of which are for the same coin! PCGS Has graded a total of 7 examples versus 24 for the former. This is an EXTREMELY UNDERVALUED ISSUE – TAKE NOTE-!!

What’s even better (no pun intended) is this the ONLY coin endorsed by CAC. It displays a deep, original autumn-orange and green-gold coloration over lightly reflective surfaces. It’s absolutely gorgeous and would make a very impressive addition to any coin cabinet.