BG- 107 25C Liberty Octagonal 1/4 Dollar Gold 1856, PCGS MS65 LR4 – SOLD


BG- 107 Liberty Octagonal 1/4 Dollar Gold 1856, PCGS MS65 Low Rarity-4. Minted by Frontier & Deviercy Co.  For the first time on ¼ Dollars, Frontier, Deviercy Co. took credit for their coins by adding the initials FD to Miss Liberty’s coronet, and also made the effort to increase the number of stars to 8.

Population of only 6 coins by PCGS with one finer (MS66 – #13551176). There are four different Die States for the BG-107. DS-1 is quickly recognized due to the rusty and over-polished appearance. The highest price achieved for an example of the BG-107 was the NERCG April 1980 sale until the sole PCGS MS66 appeared in 2008 and realized $2,185. To-date and to the best of our knowledge, this is the high-water mark price for the issue.

The present example is tied with a NGC MS65 as the finest we’ve handled. Totheroh’s Die State I and IV were both PCGS MS63; Jay Roe’s was PCGS MS64.

Obv: Large head with FD on coronet; 8 five pointed stars. Rust on head & neck.

Rev: 1 4 DOLLAR 1856 in beaded circle; no fraction bar; the numerator joins the top bead.