BG-1207 Indian Round $1 Dollar Gold 1872, NGC MS61 R4 – SOLD


1872 $1 Indian Round, BG-1207, R.4, NGC MS61 (and nearly Prooflike!). This attractive 1872 Indian head was created from a group of “mavericks” by unknown maker (or makers), possibly Herman J. Brand. The date is close; large Indian head; shares the same reverse with BG-1206 with a star below DOLLAR and all within a leafy wreath with many large berries. This coin is certainly on the lower end of the grade for all PCGS certified examples, but remains highly collectable as a Type coin, hence the four-figure value.

There is heavy collector demand for this particular issue. Not only is it one of three available Indian Head Round formats, it is a lower rarity than the other two. BG-1206; 1207 and 1208 are all Indian Head Rounds. The 1206 and 1208 are much more scarce and subsequently more expensive. If a collector needs to complete the 12-piece Type set, then this is the coin that is typically acquired.

Diagnostics: Obverse: 13 star around and 1872 below large Indian head. 1 of date below bust; 5th star touches1st feather. The date is closer together than on BG-1206. Created by Christopher Ferdinand Mohrig but unsigned or initialed.