BG- 227 25C Liberty Round 1/4 Dollar Gold 1855, PCGS MS64 R6



BG- 227 25C Liberty Round 1/4 Dollar Gold 1855, PCGS MS64 Rarity-6. Minted and distributed by Antoine Louis Nouizillet.

Obv: 10 stars; 4th star near rim and away from middle of coronet, 7th star near lower loop of bun.  No broken nose. 9 coronet beads. On B.G. die state III the 1st, 4th, and 10th stars are repunched and the 4 top coronet beads are blurred.

Rev: 1-4 DOLLAR 1855 inside wreath. 4 pairs of berries on each branch; a berry touches the top of the D in DOLLAR and there is a berry to the bottom right of the R.

Breen-Gillio states that DS-1 is rarer than other die states. My observation is that it is R7- with less than 10 known.  DS2 is a different variety; refer to BG-226A. Reported in the Brasher Bulletin. DS-3 has the first 4 beads blurred. DS-4 has more die cracks. Auction catalogs will describe as: The reverse die is shattered, a diagnostic of this variety, while the obverse stars are noticeably repunched. The obverse die is heavily polished from its previous use for BG-226A; it is later polished again before being employed for BG-228.

Population of only 6 coins by PCGS with one finer (MS65). The present example is the finest we’ve handled. Totheroh’s Die State I, II and III were all lower Choice Mint State-62, 63 and 63 respectively; Jay Roe’s was PCGS MS62.