BG-302 G50C P63 o025
BG-302 G50C P63 obvCU026BG-302 G50C P63 r028BG-302 G50C P63 revCU027

BG- 302 50C Liberty Octagonal 1/2 Dollar Gold 1853 “Peacock” reverse PCGS MS63 LR4



1853 Liberty Octagonal “Peacock Reverse” 50 Cents, BG-302, Low R.4, PCGS MS63. Made by Frontier, Deviercy & Co. A really Choice specimen of the famous “peacock” reverse half dollar, one of the most popular design types in the series. At least three examples of this variety were found in the wreckage of the Winfield Scott. The present choice Mint State coin probably owes its survival to a souvenir seeker some 150 years ago!