BG- 501 Liberty Octagonal, Humbert Eagle reverse, $1 Dollar Gold (no date) PCGS MS63 LR5



Created by Frontier & Deviercy but without bearing a date, although most experts agree on 1853. The BG-501 to 504 issues show a majestic eagle reminiscent of the device used for the Humbert slugs on the reverse. This no doubt aided in the issue’s acceptance in commerce, as most of the known survivors are circulated. One of the earliest recorded auction sales of this issue was in lot 1694 of Woodward’s November 1862 sale of the Finotti Collection. The coin was described as “a very rare type,” and realized $1.50.

In 2006 the issue crossed the four-figure mark as a very eye-appealing PCGS MS63 brought $13,225 at public auction. Since then, it’s common to figure the issue in MS63 or better in the five-figures.

Obv: Large head; 13 stars; 1st star to left and slightly above point of bust.
Rev: CALIFORNIA GOLD. ONE DOL. around large eagle with branch, shield, arrows and scroll.