BG- 760 25C Liberty Octagonal 1/4 Dollar Gold 1870, PCGS MS62 HR7 – SOLD

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A ridiculously rare variety created by Robert B. Gray & Co. with the “G” initial on the obverse. In 2009 Heritage offered and sold a MS64 for $12,650. At the time, it was catalogued that a mere six (6) pieces were certified in all grades. Nearly 9 years later, there are only a total of seven (7).

Obv: 13 stars, bust points to 1st star, diadem points to 6th star G 1870 below bust. The G below the hair. The 7 in 1870 is low and the 0 is extra large. The curls are pointed.

Rev: 1/4 DOLLAR CAL. within wreath. Slanting fraction bar. No berries. No period after CAL. Stemmed berries flank CAL. Same as B.G.759.