Denarius – (26th Roman Emperor) 222-235A.D. Severus Alexander NGC MS



Severus Alexander (CAESAR MARCVS AVRELIVS SEVERVS ALEXANDER AVGVSTVS) ruled for 13 years from March 13, 222 AD – March 18, 235 AD. Alexander was the last emperor of the Severan dynasty. He succeeded his cousin Elagabalus upon the latter’s assassination in 222, and was ultimately assassinated himself, marking the epoch event for the Crisis of the Third Century — nearly fifty years of civil wars, foreign invasion, and collapse of the monetary economy.

Alexander was the heir apparent to his cousin, the eighteen-year-old Emperor who had been murdered along with his mother Julia Soamias by his own guards, who, as a mark of contempt, had their remains cast into the Tiber river.  He and his cousin were both grandsons of the influential and powerful Julia Maesa, who had arranged for Elagabalus’ acclamation as emperor by the famous Third Gallic Legion.  It was the rumor of Alexander’s death that triggered the assassination of Elagabalus and his mother.

As emperor, Alexander’s peace time reign was prosperous. However militarily Rome was confronted with the rising Sassanid Empire. He managed to check the threat of the Sassanids, but when campaigning against Germanic tribes of Germania, Alexander attempted to bring peace by engaging in diplomacy and bribery. This alienated many in the legions and led to a conspiracy to assassinate and replace him. –Wikipedia

The present coin is a fully brilliant uncirculated Mint State example with perfect obverse centering, a perfect strike and perfect surfaces. The reverse depicts “PAX” advancing.

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