Roman Republic Denarius: c.100BC P.Servilius Rullus NGC CHXF Ex.Deetz 1946 – SOLD



P. Servilius M. f. Rullus Denarius. Rome, c.100 BC. The obverse features the helmeted bust of Minerva left wearing an aegis, RVLLI appears behind. The reverse features the visage of Victory, holding palm frond and reins, driving a dramatic and eye-appealing galloping biga facing right. P is below with SERVILI M F in exergue. Really wonderful original patina remains with a glowing luster. NGC assesses the Strike to be a 5/5; the surface is 4/5. Ex. Stacks, November 1946 auction sale of the Charles H. Deetz collection, lot 300.

*Biga definition: a two-wheeled chariot drawn by two horses harnessed abreast.