Roman Republic Denarius: c. 54BC Q.Pompeius Rufus NGC XF Ex.Deetz 1946


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Q. Pompeius Rufus Denarius. Rome, 54 BC. Q•POMPEI•Q•F RVFVS above, curule chair flanked by arrow and laurel-branch; COS on raised tablet below / SVLLA•COS above, curule chair flanked by lituus and a wreath; Q•POMPEI•RVF on raised tablet below. We are aware of specimens that exist in finer quality, but this is the only one we can positively date back over 60 years. As with the rest of this small collection, the present example has lovely cabinet toning. NGC assesses the Strike to be a 5/5; the surface is 3/5. Ex. Stacks, November 1946 auction sale of the Charles H. Deetz collection, lot 335.