Didrachm – Calabria, Taras c.281-240B.C. NGC MS Ex.Deetz 1946


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Calabria, Taras, c. 280-272 BC. Didrachm (or Nomos). The obverse features the Dioskouroi riding to the left. The “Dioskouroi” are the twins Castor and Pollux reunited as stars in the sky by Zeus after Castor’s death and regarded as patrons of athletes and sailors. Taras is featured riding towards the left on dolphin; above, Nike right crowns Taras; Taras holds shield decorated with hippocamp and two spears; below, line of waves. This is a beautifully centered and boldly struck example with a very popular but seldom encountered design. NGC declares the Strike to be a 5/5; the surface as 3/5. Ex. Stacks, November 1946 auction sale of the Charles H. Deetz collection, lot 102.