El Hecte – Ionia, Phocaea Zeus-Ammon c.477-388 B.C. NGC AU* in Fine Style – SOLD



Ionia, Phokaia El Hekte or sixth stater. Circa 478-437 B.C. NGC AU* struck in Fine Style. The obverse features a bearded head of Zeus Ammon wearing ram’s horn facing left with a seal behind his head and swimming downwards to the left. The reverse features the typical quadripartite incuse square in swastika pattern. The Swastika, from Neolithic times, has been a symbol of good Fortune and Spirituality worldwide and across myriad cultures, though marred by 20th Century political misuse. This is an extremely rare variety and apparently only the fourth example known, although only three examples are known to Bodenstedt! NGC has determined the strike to be a 4/5; the surface is 4/5 struck in Fine Style. From the Kleines Meisterwerk Collection.