Kellogg & Humbert treasure bar No.597, 17.35oz Ex.SS Central America shipwreck – SOLD



Kellogg & Humbert Assayers gold bar. 879 Fine, 17.35 ounce, $315.25, Bar # 597, Mold Size 2. Two edge tests on this bar.

The best comparable example we could find that recently sold at public auction was the 17.12 ounce Kellogg & Humbert gold ingot sold by Heritage in September of 2013 for $105,750. This lot was described as:

Kellogg & Humbert 17.12-Ounce Gold Ingot Recovered from the S.S. Central America. CAGB-410. Front face: “No. 249 / 17.12 Oz. / 881 FINE / $311.78.” Top part of Kellogg & Humbert logotype on narrow right face, serial number 249 (in different font with straight base of 2) at top of back. Light golden-yellow color overall except on the back face, which has areas of reddish-brown. A small-to-medium-size ingot, easily held in one hand, yet heavy with history. Like many of its larger fellows, it was onboard the S.S. Central America and headed for New York when a hurricane sent the ship and its cargo to the bottom of the Atlantic, where this ingot remained for more than a century. A notable and tangible artifact from the California Gold Rush.

We think that makes this offering look like a pretty good deal-!