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1861 $10 Liberty No Motto NGC AU58 – SOLD

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1861 $10 Liberty No Motto NGC AU58. Unlike the double eagle which was produced in quantity, the 1861 ten dollar saw production only in the low six figures and few pieces were saved. This near-Mint representative has distinct yellow-orange color and ample remaining luster.

David Akers stated “This is the commonest date of the No Motto type after 1855 but it is still a very scarce date, particularly in high grade. While VF and EF examples can be obtained, AU specimens are very difficult to locate and strictly uncirculated pieces are very rare. I have seen several mint state 1861 Eagles including two very choice ones but in terms of both overall rarity and condition rarity, this date is considerably more rare than a number of dates of this type.”

Ron Guth of CoinFacts states “David Akers was correct in his observation that the 1861 is one of the most common of the No Motto Eagle dates, though he rated it more common than the 1855, which is incorrect.  Based on population data, the most common dates among the No Motto Eagles are 1847, 1847-O, 1851-O, and then the 1861.  In fact, the 1855 is much less common than the 1861.

Grading data shows over two dozen PCGS-certified Mint State examples, the vast majority of which are low-end MS61s.  The two choice examples to which Akers referred appear to include an amazing PCGS MS66 (finest known from the Bass Collection) and a lovely PCGS MS64+ (the second finest known).”


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