Spanish Trail 1935 50C Silver Commemorative PCGS MS67 CAC – SOLD


1935 50C Spanish Trail PCGS MS67. Endorsed by CAC. This design has long been one of our favorites, using the simple imagery of the steer head emphasized by the boldness of the protruding horns. Such a design leaves a lot of open space – open space that is easily marred by contact with other coins and worse. This particular example was selected by the owner of the number 3 PCGS Registry Set for silver commemoratives, Paul Denby. He has told us how he has looked at hundreds – no wait, even thousands – of different silver commems only to arrive at one particular coin suitable for his set. This is one of these coins.

Why sell it now? Well, when you look at so many coins, there’s a slim chance you’ll find one you like better, but such is the case here. Mr. Denby upgraded this coin with a PCGS MS67+ CAC with slightly more peripheral toning – worth twice the price as this coin.

Take advantage of an expert’s eye and the patience it took to arrive at this ONE coin, and know in confidence this is by far, head-and-shoulders above all the rest for the assigned grade.

To-date PCGS has certified 146 coins as MS67, 10 coins as MS67+ and a mere 2 coins as MS68. MS68’s incidentally (if you had the opportunity to buy one) have traded for as much as eight times the price of this delightful MS67 CAC specimen.